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Why is Caring About Culture Critical?

Posted by Ciara Mulkerrins on 20/06/17 11:05

Some companies don’t care much about their internal culture. Others do. If the structure of a business is its body, then its internal culture would be its soul. It’s what makes companies unique and what gives them character. 

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One of the Few: What it’s Like Being a Female Software Engineer

Posted by Zinzile Sibanda on 06/06/17 15:00

When most people think ‘software engineer’, an image of a bespectacled man tapping away at his keyboard comes to mind.

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Using System Process Assurance to Make Customers (and Companies) Happy

Posted by Pieter Ijzerman on 08/05/17 11:50

“Are you sure this electricity bill is correct?” A common question raised in the energy industry. What can energy companies do to avoid hearing it so often?

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Invisible But Important

Posted by Dylan Llewellyn on 03/04/17 12:53

Sitting in economy and travelling at 500 knots at an altitude of 40,000ft while browsing the inflight movie options, most passengers are blissfully unaware of the intricate, beautiful aerial ballet they are a part of.

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Why Apprentices Are Amazing

Posted by Jennifer Carter on 07/03/17 12:20

National Apprenticeship Week has just begun and people across the country are talking about the wide range of benefits apprenticeships can bring.

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Strengthening the Safety Net

Posted by Matt Brake on 06/02/17 11:01

As smart technology continues to develop and the impact of its evolution is felt across the energy sector, people are inevitably considering the potential risks and opportunities of what is to come. It is all too easy to raise the risks without evidence or ideas for mitigation or solution. Avoiding this scenario is important and we must accept that an appropriate level of investment is required to make sure things are done correctly and securely.

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Project Management and Raising a Baby 101

Posted by Greg Stopps on 10/01/17 12:33

This summer, my wife and I welcomed our first child into the world, a beautiful boy named Benjamin George Stopps. Along with the joy and excitement that comes with a new child, we also faced inevitable challenges, including sleepless nights and other significant changes to the usual routine.

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Why Making Staff Happy is a Sound Investment

Posted by Jennifer Carter on 16/12/16 11:20

As an employer, it’s important to recognise that people need more than money to be motivated. People are at their most productive when they feel looked after, which means taking complete care of your employees isn't just a ‘nice to do’, but a very worthwhile investment.

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Moving Boundaries – Global Mobility in the Age of Information

Posted by Helen van Eeden on 22/11/16 13:08

In a complex, information-rich, global economy, the need for companies to have a culture that supports and fosters mobility is more important than ever. Capturing and fully realising internationally dispersed knowledge demands an approach that supports information and talent liquidity. Taking the culture of your home office and implanting its culture in another country is not enough.

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Space 2.0: Advancements and Strategic Moves in the New Space Era

Posted by José Freitas on 28/10/16 11:08

In the last ten to fifteen years, we’ve been observing a revolution in the space industry. All the buzz around new ‘space launch’ ventures such as Space X, Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin - led by charismatic, deep-pocketed entrepreneurs like Elon Musk, Sir Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos - and the advances in nano-satellites made possible by the miniaturisation of electronics and standardisation initiatives - like the CubeSat - are bringing the focus back to the space industry, forgotten by investors since the constellation flops of the late 1990s.

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