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To Be or Not to Be… A Manager

Posted by Neil Aries on 28/03/18 16:38

With one immortal line Shakespeare captured the essence of the dilemma that Hamlet faced when considering avenging his father’s death. Should he become a murderer, or shouldn’t he?

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Creating a 'Sticky' Company That Employees Really Want To Work For

Posted by Neil Aries on 17/11/15 10:08

A common question that all companies ask themselves at one point or another is ‘how do we ensure we retain our most talented staff?’. Naturally, this leads on to another question: 'how do we get staff to stay suitably engaged and invested in the company and to commit their long term futures to it?'.  Or, in other words, how to get employees to “stick” with one company rather than “twist”, by moving on to another?

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