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Bee Prepared: 10 Project Management Lessons from the Apiary

Posted by Matt Brake on 08/08/17 09:43

Outside of my work at CRITICAL Software, I have been a beekeeper for many years now. It struck me recently how managing a beehive has some interesting parallels with managing a business project. Of course, most project management challenges do not involve looking after some 50,000 plus bodies, but it was still in
teresting to consider some of the surprising similarities. Here I’ve listed my top ten. 

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Topics: Project Management

Exhibiting at the Smart Meter Update Conference

Posted by Matt Brake on 06/07/17 17:28

Last week, CRITICAL Software attended and exhibited at the Smart Metering Update conference. The intimate event, run by Marketforce, is primarily attended by people from companies and government agencies involved in the smart meter market in the UK. This year, there were also several attendees visiting from other countries to learn more about the UK’s experience to date.

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Topics: Smart Metering

Strengthening the Safety Net

Posted by Matt Brake on 06/02/17 11:01

As smart technology continues to develop and the impact of its evolution is felt across the energy sector, people are inevitably considering the potential risks and opportunities of what is to come. It is all too easy to raise the risks without evidence or ideas for mitigation or solution. Avoiding this scenario is important and we must accept that an appropriate level of investment is required to make sure things are done correctly and securely.

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Topics: Internet of Things

How to Make Disruptive Technologies a Non-Disruptive Influence on your Business

Posted by Matt Brake on 15/02/16 11:01

For those outside the IT sphere, the advanced technology powering our world may seem disruptive enough as it is. Start talking about disruptive technology and expect to watch people’s eyes glaze over. Although the term is there to make a ‘disruptive’ point, a name other than ‘disruptive technology’ might have been better at selling the many positive implications.

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Topics: Internet of Things

Safety and Security in the Smart sector

Posted by Matt Brake on 12/01/16 10:35

Developments in the smart sector promise to bring with them an exciting mixture of increased technical control and more automated, reliable capabilities for both business and individuals. However, as networks join up systems of systems across the country and the world, new methods of management will be required to take best advantage of the potential positive impact of these technological advancements.

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Topics: Internet of Things

The Case For Independent Testing

Posted by Matt Brake on 06/10/15 16:33

Competition for business and budgets appears to be greater than ever. Doing ‘more for less’ is a common request from customers and proving services have been delivered as a business benefit can be difficult for suppliers. Even for business-critical systems (including safety-critical and mission-critical systems), suppliers are under pressure to use techniques and tools that will deliver a better solution for lower lifetime costs, whilst not compromising on quality standards which might be catastrophic for a business’ bottom line and severely affect safety.

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Topics: Safety-Critical Validation