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The Strategic Importance of Technological Advances to the Portuguese National Rail Network

Posted by Luis Gargaté on 11/03/15 08:30

The Eurozone debt crisis affected a lot of things in Portugal. One significant set-back was the postponement of a high-speed rail project, as well as other investments of strategic importance for the country. It has delayed the development of a railway connection to major national ports, which would likely have led to important synergies being established between the country’s ground transportation and shipping capabilities. 

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Driverless Cars: The Safety Conundrum

Posted by Luis Gargaté on 25/02/15 19:45

Before driverless cars can be released into our complex environment, they need to achieve exceptional levels of safety. How close are we to making this happen? Automation is old hat. Almost every new car built features some form of non-human control: ABS; cruise control; lane-changing warning systems; even semi-automatic control. In the latter case, the car is capable of following traffic, accelerating and braking, as well as keeping to the same lane, within a defined maximum speed.

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