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Lethal Avionics: How Complexity and Automation Can Impact Safety in the Cockpit

Posted by CRITICAL Software on 26/09/16 10:12

Modern avionics systems have been intelligently evolved over the years with three clear goals in mind: increase automation within the cockpit, reduce workload for pilots and, last but not least, increase safety. This evolutionary journey has been extremely beneficial to the industry as a whole due to the fact that is has helped to increase safety levels across the board.

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Topics: Aerospace

How To Prepare For the Upcoming Changes in EU Data Privacy Laws

Posted by CRITICAL Software on 06/07/16 10:49

Data is powerful and, without firm rules, the private information it contains can be left unsecured and vulnerable. When it comes to an individual’s right to privacy through data protection, although the premise seems simple, putting privacy rules into practice is far more complex.

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Topics: Security