10 Things That 90s Kids Lived Through

Posted by Solange Rainha

The 90s were pretty exciting years for kids to grow up in. With crazy TV shows, talking toys and amazing tech breakthroughs, this decade is one to remember.

But, how would someone born after 2010 feel about it? Here are 10 things that 90s kids lived through that the youth of today might not enjoy!

  • These days, everyone prides themselves on putting together a Spotify playlist to end all other playlists. Back in the day, we didn’t have Spotify; we had mix tapes and it took hours to make one!


  • Before CDs came along and you could skip songs easily, we had to carefully rewind or fast-forward everything if we wanted to listen to something specific. With iPods and other tech, kids today don’t know what their missing.
  • To record something, 90s kids needed a blank VHS tape and went through the seven stages of grief when they couldn’t find one in time for their show. Compared to that, Netflix is a dream!
  • People who experienced the art of gaming in the 90s will still recall the pain of spending hours reaching the end of a game only to lose against the big boss before saving. Auto save was not a feature for a lot of games at the time.
  • Free mobile messaging? Not in the 90s! For kids lucky enough to have a mobile phone, running out of credit was a constant threat and let’s not talk about the character limit!
  • 90s kids learned about responsibility of digital pet care at an early age, allowing us time to become masters at caring for our Tamagotchi. But if we forgot our keyring-sized pet at home, we’d be worrying all day long. Kids these days can simply carry the Talking Tom app on their phones without worrying about it.
  • Kid currency was extremely important. If we wanted to be someone, we needed to search high and low for at least three shiny Pokémon cards. Remember that one guy who had the shiny Charizard? What a hero! If kids today are missing one card they can just buy it from eBay.
  • Back in the day, we paid good money and had to wait three days to have our photos developed. Once we got the pics back, it was common to find film defects and lots of closed eyes! No digital delete button or filters like today.

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  • Remember the anxiety caused by MSN Messenger? Worrying why your crush suddenly switched their status to ‘offline’ when you came online was real. So many questions left unanswered. Today the void is filled by social media.
  • Back in the 90s, we had a whole set of art supplies and half of the felt-tipped pens didn’t work. It was a struggle! Art projects nowadays mean Photoshop and fancy design programs.


What do you remember from the 90s that you’d like to bring back? What trends are best left in the past?