90 vs Now – How Office Life Has Changed

The way we work has changed a lot in twenty years, mostly due to the evolution of technology. We’ve gone from heavy computers that took ages to turn on to sharing files in seconds between lightweight laptops. Check out what else has changed in our new infographic.

Top Ten Strange Tech Inventions

While CRITICAL has been in business, the world has seen some odd inventions. Here are our picks of the strangest!

Twenty Years of Change in… Energy

The energy sector encompasses a very large market containing some of the biggest companies in the world and it provides something unique – a product that almost every person in the world uses every day: heat, light, power… when was the last time you survived a day without these?

To Space and Back: 20 Years of Growth

From a single client to an entire ecosystem of companies, CRITICAL Software has come a very long way. One of the company's founders and its Chairman, João Carreira, shares how the company has grown over the last twenty years, starting where it all began back in 1998.

90s vs Now - How Technology Changed

Once upon a time, the internet was wired, maps were paper-based and you’d have to get off your couch to rent a movie. And, somehow, we survived without smartphones! Take a look at our infographic to see what else has changed over the last twenty years.

The Most Important Tech Innovations of the Last Twenty Years

Some people think that the most successful tech is the kind that almost goes unnoticed, blending into our lives to the point where it no longer stands out. And yet – if you took this tech away – life would be much less convenient.