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A Smart (Metering) Story

Posted by Sérgio Pastilha on 17/10/18 10:56

Since late 2013, we’ve been involved in the Smart Meter Implementation Programme (SMIP) in the UK.

This unprecedented national project will see 53 million gas and electric meters installed across the country and spells a fundamental change for the way we use energy. It’s the biggest infrastructure change Britain has seen since the Second World War!

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In Space, No-One Can Hear Developers Scream

Posted by Brett Bicknell on 09/05/18 13:34

How and when the performance of software should be reviewed can prove a heated discussion point. From what is often said, it may be assumed that any time spent thinking about the performance of software code at a lower level – for instance, the time specific functions take to execute or the amount of memory an operation uses – should be considered a waste.

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To Be or Not to Be… A Manager

Posted by Neil Aries on 28/03/18 16:38

With one immortal line Shakespeare captured the essence of the dilemma that Hamlet faced when considering avenging his father’s death. Should he become a murderer, or shouldn’t he?

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Do You Trust Your Tech?

Posted by Alex Painter on 01/03/18 17:14

Only 52% of people believe technology in the public sphere has been properly tested. This stat was revealed during CRITICAL Software’s recent ‘Test Your Tech’ campaign where a public opinion survey was conducted. It’s pretty astounding that half of us believe the tech we’re using has not been tested properly!

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Straight to the Source: A Closer Look At Outsourcing

Posted by Paulo Faria on 09/01/18 16:28

In this blog post, Paulo Faria, our Business Development Director for Managed Services, shares some valuable insights on outsourcing. Read on to learn the advantages of near versus offshoring, how companies can more easily decide what’s best for their needs and what factors are influencing the future of outsourcing.

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What’s Killing Your Team’s Creativity?

Posted by Diana Antão on 05/12/17 12:04

Consistent innovation is the bread and butter of a business. Especially those businesses that exist to push society forward, to lead evolution and to invent tomorrow.

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Navigating the Change: Student to Employee

Posted by Zinzile Sibanda on 08/11/17 09:34

In an ideal world, the perfect job would be waiting for graduates as soon as their cap and gown come off. Real life is a little less ‘fairy tale’ and a lot more complicated: what’s next? What career is the right one? Which industry offers the best opportunities?

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Artificial Intelligence: A Critical Overview of Where We Are Today

Posted by Paulo Gomes on 09/10/17 17:02

I have been fascinated by the field of AI since my early days at university, where I remember looking through the list of courses on my Computer Science degree and reading: “Artificial Intelligence: 4th Year Course - 2 Semesters”.

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A Year In: Starting Out as a Software Engineer

Posted by Ciara Mulkerrins on 05/09/17 11:58

Whether it’s your first job after studying or you’re simply switching companies, taking that first step into somewhere new can be challenging.

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Bee Prepared: 10 Project Management Lessons from the Apiary

Posted by Matt Brake on 08/08/17 09:43

Outside of my work at CRITICAL Software, I have been a beekeeper for many years now. It struck me recently how managing a beehive has some interesting parallels with managing a business project. Of course, most project management challenges do not involve looking after some 50,000 plus bodies, but it was still in
teresting to consider some of the surprising similarities. Here I’ve listed my top ten. 

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