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Lethal Avionics: How Complexity and Automation Can Impact Safety in the Cockpit

Posted by CRITICAL Software on 26/09/16 10:12

Modern avionics systems have been intelligently evolved over the years with three clear goals in mind: increase automation within the cockpit, reduce workload for pilots and, last but not least, increase safety. This evolutionary journey has been extremely beneficial to the industry as a whole due to the fact that is has helped to increase safety levels across the board.

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Topics: Aerospace

Are We Ready to Take Our Hands Off the Wheel and Let Cars Do the Driving?

Posted by Jorge Almeida on 31/08/16 14:59

Starting off as a simple mechanical device created to increase the ease, speed and distance of travel, the car has quickly evolved to become an integral part of our lives.

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Topics: Automotive

How To Prepare For the Upcoming Changes in EU Data Privacy Laws

Posted by CRITICAL Software on 06/07/16 10:49

Data is powerful and, without firm rules, the private information it contains can be left unsecured and vulnerable. When it comes to an individual’s right to privacy through data protection, although the premise seems simple, putting privacy rules into practice is far more complex.

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Topics: Security

Stress - The Healthier Way Down

Posted by Ciara Mulkerrins on 14/06/16 09:36

Stress. A familiar term we hear a lot. Most of us know that stress makes things that bit harder to handle and continued stress weakens the mind and body and wears down our ability to thrive. Sometimes, we often find ourselves just focusing on surviving, not enjoying certain aspects of life much at all.

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Topics: Careers

The Power of Design Thinking

Posted by Ana Santos on 19/05/16 12:09

In the past few years, Design Thinking has become an increasingly popular method of software development, creating a solid basis for the delivery of innovative products, business systems and services.

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Topics: User Experience Design

Why Bigger Isn't Always Better When It Comes to Company Size

Posted by Greg Stopps on 03/05/16 10:32

Unlikely as it sounds, a career in the Royal Navy has provided me with a variety of skills and abilities that perfectly suit a role in the software industry. What was less straightforward, however, was finding a company that offered a working environment that suited me.

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Topics: Careers

Why Apprenticeships Are a Win-Win For Businesses and Young People

Posted by Helen van Eeden on 14/04/16 10:35

The phrase "employees are our core asset" is much thrown around by businesses nowadays. However, sorting those that merely talk a good game from the companies that actually mean it is possible by looking at how they actually treat their employees. Organisations that practice what they preach understand that looking after their people means investing in each of their employees from the moment they join.

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Topics: Careers

A Crash Course in Designing Stuff

Posted by Nelson Vilhena on 24/03/16 10:53

It goes without saying that we all want the things in our lives to be the best they can be and we just can’t seem to avoid the urge to continually improve stuff. In some ways, we’re all engineers, striving to improve the world around us.

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Topics: User Experience Design

The Express Route to Better Maintenance

Posted by Kevin Gale on 04/03/16 10:31

Britain is now one of the leading countries in Europe when it comes to the operation of national rail networks. Use has more than doubled over the last two decades hitting a record 1.6 billion passengers a year, and there are no signs of growth stopping there. Passenger numbers are set to rise year on year and, because of this, rail operators are looking at ways of maximising capacity by putting existing stock and infrastructure to better use.

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Topics: Railway

How to Make Disruptive Technologies a Non-Disruptive Influence on your Business

Posted by Matt Brake on 15/02/16 11:01

For those outside the IT sphere, the advanced technology powering our world may seem disruptive enough as it is. Start talking about disruptive technology and expect to watch people’s eyes glaze over. Although the term is there to make a ‘disruptive’ point, a name other than ‘disruptive technology’ might have been better at selling the many positive implications.

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Topics: Internet of Things